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Topic Reading-Vol.3065-9/1/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The new residency schemes inviting workers abroad
Work-from-home is becoming popular among businesses of all kinds, even those that were reluctant to lose in-person control or contact. While some employees are enjoying more private time having been relieved from the commute and office hours, others are feeling stressed working on the kitchen table. The question is, does it have to be work-from-HOME? Actually, the home could be anywhere as long as a decent internet connection and private working space are available. So, why do you need to stay at home where you live now? How about staying in a dream resort or a foreign country where you usually don’t have the chance to stay for an extended time. Surprisingly, there are invitations from some of the coronavirus-free places that want you to stay and work for a while, such as Bermuda, Barbados, and Estonia. They issue a so-called digital nomad visa to those who want to stay and work for half a year, a full year, or even longer, provided that those applicants have health insurance and stable income.
Enjoy reading the article and think if you want to try working from a remote home, at least for some time.

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