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Topic Reading-Vol.2488-2/2/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
When your plane touches down but doesn't land
Have you experienced a go-around at the final moment of your flight? It is an aborted landing by the flight crew on the final approach. Instead of touching down, making reverse thrust and braking, an aircraft starts to climb back into the air to prepare for another approach. Such maneuver can be judged and made by the pilot when he or she finds difficulty in landing due to weather, mechanical or landing site conditions. It could also be directed by air traffic control when they find an obstruction on the runway or any problem with the landing aircraft.
Since go-arounds rarely happen, it surprises and scares the passengers. However, for the cockpit crew, it is part of their standard procedures. In fact, pilots have been trained as many times, or even more often, to initiate a go-around as they land the aircraft in the flight simulator. So, next time your landing is ever aborted, try to be calm in the cabin like the crew in the cockpit.
Enjoy reading the article and watching the video about the second take-off during a flight.

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