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Topic Reading-Vol.2490-2/4/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
What to know about frostbite
It’s winter time in the Northern Hemisphere. Staying outside for a long time in a low temperature especially in a strong wind, part of your skin might begin to get pale or turn red. It is called frostnip. Though it irritates the skin, you can still bend and feel soft. There is no permanent tissue damage to your skin, and it can be treated and returned to its healthy state by gradually warming the skin up with warm, but not hot, water.  
However, when your skin doesn’t feel anything and turn pale white, grayish-yellow, or blue instead of red, the frostnip has most likely developed into frostbite. The skin starts to lose flexibility and the pain increases further. Once your skin suffers frostbite, you need immediate medical attention and care to avoid permanent damage of the skin or amputation of the body part.
It sounds freezing cold, doesn’t it?
Enjoy reading and learn what needs to be or shouldn’t be done to avoid getting frostbite.

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