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Topic Reading-Vol.2487-2/1/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
How weddings in Pakistan can top 1,500 guests
Is this one of the phenomena among Asia’s rising middle-class? Though not all Asians enjoy their lives like this or the one shown in last year’s movie, Crazy Rich Asians, the wedding party in this video is hosted by the bride’s family of the rising middle class in Pakistan. As people marry later in their lives and make fewer children than before, the cost of education and expenditures for ceremonies are on the rise. Others may think such extravaganza is unnecessary or improper for young couples who are just about to create their new lives themselves. But for the parents, it is the time for celebration not only for their beloved children but for themselves. Indeed, parties are held and guests are invited for the sake of the hosts.
Enjoy watching the video and think which middle-class ceremony looks more extravagant, the one in Pakistan or the one in Indonesia (Vol.2457 on Jan.2, 2019).

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