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Topic Reading-Vol.2401-11/7/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Meet Sophia: The robot who laughs, smiles and frowns just like us
A robot that not only expresses human emotions naturally but also understands the emotional state of people, up to a certain extent. This robot, named Sophia, was developed to represent the intersection of humanity and technology as well as to enhance humanity.
To realize such complex movements of the face and voice, researchers had to study neurobiology and biology of human facial expressions to design how to move each part of the artificial muscle. She can generate various expressions such as joy, confusion and even frustration. She also shows up as a model and delivers a speech. With these human-like abilities, she became the first robot to be granted a citizenship, in Saudi Arabia.
Enjoy watching the video and think if you may want to have a robot partner or pet in your home someday.

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