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Topic Reading-Vol.2397-11/3/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Amazon is investing millions to keep packaging out of landfills
While generating billions of dollars in bottom line profit, Amazon is also creating tons of trash on the earth as their fulfillment centers ship over a million packages daily. That’s a lot of cardboard being used, opened and trashed or recycled. In each box or package, there is bubble wrap and/or Styrofoam to keep the merchandise in good shape. How much of such plastic packaging materials is properly collected and recycled?
Now, in order to respond to the rising criticisms and demands for reducing or replacing single-use plastic items like straws and lids, Amazon announced to invest “ten million dollars” to a fund that invests in recycling programs, sustainable goods, and landfill reduction efforts through venture capitals and investment funds.
Does is sound generous or sufficient to you considering the amount of trash the online giant is creating every day?
Enjoy reading and think how much trash from the delivered packages you throw out a week.

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