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Topic Reading-Vol.2395-11/1/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Driverless cars: Who should die in a crash?
Driving a van with passengers, your family or friends, and suddenly noticed an extended family, grandparents, parents and two kids are walking across the street at a distance that is no way to avoid a collision. What would you do?
This is a kind of situation you never want to face when you sit in the driver’s seat, who to save and who to hit if there is ever any moment to think or judge. Instinct probably prevails over logic, and reaction likely comes before conscious control.
A research found that how people cope with such situation differs widely by culture. The Japanese chose to avoid hitting pedestrians while the Chinese wanted to save the passengers. The French chose to save young people but the people in Confucianism cultures, such as China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japanese, chose otherwise.
So, what would a self-driving vehicle do in such a situation? What sort of decision-making algorithm is going to be set? Would that vary by country or situation? Should the driver be asked to choose an algorithm option before activating the self-driving system?
Enjoy reading and think what you would do at such a critical moment.

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