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Topic Reading-Vol.2270-6/29/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
What if we knew when and how we are going to die?
Though it is inevitable, people naturally avoid thinking about their death. That may be partly because we don’t know when and how to die. But if a person, who suffers from a mortal disease or injury for example, came to know when he or she is going to die, what their reactions might be? Would they become more focused on what they have been enjoying, try their best to beat the illness, or do anything they’ve wanted to do?
Knowing when the life is ceased might bring positive and negative effects. Most people probably become more conservative or focused on practices or ideas they have believed, liked and been used to. Many are expected to become less open to new ideas or cooperative to the society and environment. Also, there are people who try their best to accomplish the things they have been doing or enjoy the relationship with families and friends.
In the meantime, knowing when to die would allow people to plan some events that have previously been impossible to predict, such as the final day and funeral services. Also, people could rethink whether to hire or marry someone who is going to cease to breathe soon.
Enjoy reading and think if you would like to know when and how to die if possible.

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