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Topic Reading-Vol.2263-6/22/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Scientists lay out how to save a melting Antarctica -- and the grim future if we don't
Antarctica. Though this icy continent is far away from most inhabited places, what is happening there significantly affects the world. If no decisive measures were taken to stop the global warming, about a quarter of the sea ice in the Southern Ocean and Antarctica would disappear in the next 50 years, according to a paper in the journal Nature by nine prominent scientists. And if that happened, sea levels would rise about half a meter from where it was in 2000.
You might have heard similar warning scenarios about the melting sea ice in the Arctic and ice sheet in Greenland. But this is not just another warning for global warming. The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is vital to the condition and ecosystem of the planet. For example, it soaks up heat and carbon to slow the speed of global warming. Also, the ocean supports the life in other seas by providing nutrient-rich deep water to lower latitudes regions in. So, it’s not just penguins on the continent or residents of the coastal regions that will be severely affected by the rapid melt of Antarctic ice but all living creatures all around the world.
Enjoy reading and learn the impact mechanism of melting Antarctica.

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