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Topic Reading-Vol.2269-6/28/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Algeria turns off internet for high school exams
The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria is a country of youth. Approximately 28% of the total population of 40 million are under age of 15. The North African country conducts a nationwide high-school diploma exam in June every year. As many as 700,000 students are taking the test in 2,000 exam halls this year. It is a serious business for high school students and they try all kinds of efforts to get good or just enough scores to pass the tests.
Nowadays, digital technologies have made leaking and cheating of exams quite easy and widespread. Because of the significance and influence of the certificate exams, there were considerable cases of leaks of the problems before and during the exam last year via social media. Therefore, the education ministry is taking a bold move this year by imposing a nationwide Internet blackout for an hour during the six-day exam period.
It surely is annoying for the rest of the population. In the meantime, it could be a good opportunity to spend an hour without online interactions.
Enjoy reading and think what you would do during the blackout hour.

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