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Topic Reading-Vol.2253-6/12/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
San Francisco bans sales of flavored tobacco products
Some may wonder what flavored tobacco products are. They include menthol cigarettes, flavored cigars and vaping, or e-cigarette liquids. Vaping works by heating a liquid to generate vapor that the smoker inhales. Though it doesn’t produce as much smoke or odor as an ordinary cigarette, it is not permitted in most smoke-free environments. Also, despite the uncertainty of its health risks, vaping is not allowed in schools because many e-smokers are also or turn to smokers. In fact, vaping is spreading widely among children because of various kids-enticing flavors, such as Blue Raz Cotton Candy, Peach Green Tea, and Frozen Lime Drop. It is a promising product for tobacco companies.
Now, voters in San Francisco chose overwhelmingly to ban the sales of flavored tobacco products in a referendum. They don’t want their children to see fancy ads in convenience stores and buy vaping liquids like sodas or candy bars. Even a grandson of the founder of Reynolds, a giant tobacco company, promoted the proposition along with numbers of health advocate groups.
Will the Bay community move to ban sugary drinks to refrain their children from becoming overweight?
Enjoy reading and think if child vaping is going to be banned in other communities.

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