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Topic Reading-Vol.2313-8/11/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
The man who makes six figures rating dogs
Do you want to get your pet dog rated? If yes, there is a twitter account that rates your dog, not too seriously but generously. Just send photos and videos of your dog to this dog-rating account, he/she will be rated on a 10-out-of-10 scale. Since your dog is so special to you, the score is usually 10 or even higher. Interestingly, many pet owners seem to like this dog rating, or dog-show-off site so much that they buy lots of dog-related merchandises from their online shop. Now this dog rating account has become a successful business platform.
The founder of was a college student when he opened a twitter account dedicated to dog photos and videos. He had no intention to create a new business or anything. But what he created was what people wanted. Yes, dog owners want to show off their beloved dogs. Isn’t that how a successful new business is initiated?
Enjoy seeing the video and check what weratedogs is like.

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