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Topic Reading-Vol.2304-8/2/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Dogs rush to help when owners cry, study suggests
How much and how well do dogs understand their owners or caregivers’ emotional state? In other words, how empathetic are dogs to humans? A new study found that dogs responded much more quickly when their owners said “help” in a distressed tone than in a normal tone. Among the dogs in the study, nearly half of them were therapy dogs but the rest were ordinary pet dogs. Since the word “help” is not particularly an enticing word for dogs like “meal” or “walk”, those dogs that responded swiftly most likely had sensed something unusual was happening to their masters.
Is this surprising to you? In fact, dogs are very attentive and sensitive to their owners and their family members. They recognize their family members by their voice and footsteps. Also, they seem to sense whether the person whom the owner is talking to is hostile or friendly by their owner’s tone and manner.
Why not? Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and they live very closely with their owners.
Enjoy reading and learn how dogs reacted to their owners.

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