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Topic Reading-Vol.2310-8/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Your next job interview could be with a computer program
When you search and apply for jobs, you may get a chance for an interview. Nowadays, you may be interviewed via video or asked to upload an introduction video of yourself. In any case, humans have been screening the candidates. But new AI technologies can monitor and detect your facial expressions and tone that cannot be recognized by ordinary humans. For example, when you are hesitant, reluctant, uncomfortable, or dishonest to answer questions, you tend to show some non-verbal sign without realizing it. But trained AI algorithms can detect such sings easily. This kind of technology can assist humans to make critical decisions as to whether the company should proceed with the hiring process of the applicant.
Will that be good news for you?
Enjoy watching the video and learn how things are changing in the job hiring process.

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