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Topic Reading-Vol.2303-8/1/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
A philosopher asks: Is a longer life a happier one?
How long is too long to live? There are several aspects need be viewed to answer this question. What seems to matter first and most is physical health and ability. If you become physically incapable of doing things you want or need to do, you’ll have to depend on others’ support. That’ll make your life less enjoyable or fruitful. Also, if your cognitive ability declines, you could be mentally distressed for not recognizing people you loved or things you enjoyed doing.
Socially and financially, as the average human lifespan in developed countries extends, the social welfare becomes more burdensome. In fact, there used to be three or four people of working age, 16-64, for every person over age 65, there are two or even less to one soon in aging countries like the UK or Japan. Higher taxes to the young and less benefits and services to the seniors.
In any case, healthy aging is worth a fortune or maybe anything else.
Enjoy reading and think how old you want to live.

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