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Topic Reading-Vol.3031-7/29/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Painting an airplane: Why every layer counts
When you board an airplane, do you check the identity of the aircraft? Usually, passenger aircraft are pained in certain ways to show the identity of the airline or promotional design. But have you thought about how they are painted?
When a new aircraft comes out of the production line, it is usually painted green for metallic aircraft and beige for those made of composites. They are the base colors for later painting jobs. While new aircraft are usually painted in the assembling factory, repainting works are done in other specialized painting companies. In fact, commercial aircraft are painted every several years to keep in good appearance. Also, when an airliner is merged, acquired, or rebranded, the belonging aircraft are repainted.
Do you have any idea how much and how long it takes, and what processes are needed to paint an aircraft?
Enjoy reading the article and learn how aircraft are painted.

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