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Topic Reading-Vol.2365-10/2/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers
Amazon to open 'four-star' store in New York
How much do customer reviews matter to you when you choose a song, pick a restaurant, or book a hotel? It seems the world is filled with stars. Music, movies, books, travel spots, stores, plumbers, tutors, car sharing, food deliveries, and so on. You can save time by just checking the number of stars to expect the quality or satisfaction level of the goods or services. For your convenience, the ones with four stars or more are shown on the first page of the search.
Some stores carry items that sell well or generate higher margins while others stock up any item that customers may add to their shopping cart. But what about a brick-and-mortar store that sells only highly reviewed items by other buyers like online shops? That is what the e-commerce/service giant Amazon has just opened in a popular shopping district in New York.
Would you be interested in visiting a store to find what others like?
Enjoy reading and think if you’ll see stars on all items in other retailers in the future.

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