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Topic Reading-Vol.2142-2/21/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Chinese police spot suspects with surveillance sunglasses
As introduced in Vol.2077, there soon will be over 500 million Closed Circuit TV, or CCTV, cameras operated all over China. Powered by AI and facial recognition technology, those cameras can identify registered individuals in the database and also monitor people walking and things happening on the streets and in the places they are installed. It seems that China is becoming one highly secured premises.
But that world’s biggest camera surveillance network doesn’t seem to be enough for China’s authorities to ensure the security of the state. Now, they came up with these futuristic sunglasses that are worn by police officers. They are equipped with facial recognition technology and connected to the database. Any suspicious individual can be taken photos, and they are instantly compared with the database. If there is a match, the police then take an action. Sounds very modernized and sophisticated, doesn’t it?
But one question arises: does it have to be sunglasses, why not a robot?
Enjoy reading and thinking which should be prioritized, security or privacy.

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