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Topic Reading-Vol.2139-2/18/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Bill & Melinda Gates: Why we give our money away
Just a reminder. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975, the world third most valued company based in Seattle, Washington. When he turned 31, he became the youngest billionaire in the world, and eight years later, the wealthiest person in 1995 with a fortune of nearly $13 billion. He stepped down the CEO role of the successful company in 2000 to dedicate his time and wealth to philanthropical work with his wife, Melinda. The couple devoted their time and wealth, donating nearly $3 billion in cash and 700 million Microsoft shares to charitable causes. They also inspired other ultra-riches to donate more than half of their wealth to charitable causes in their lifetime. Those who took part in the move were Warren Buffet, a legendary investor, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group, and Elon Musk of Tesla and Space X’s only to name a few.
The couple has committed to most of their wealth to the foundation to help stop preventable deaths and also to remove other barriers to health and education, such as fighting Alzheimer’s disease, providing resources to women in developing countries, and promoting health initiatives around the world, including the effort to eliminate polio disease.
Now you know what he and his wife did and have done. Interested to learn more?
Enjoy reading the article and watch the video why they committed themselves and their wealth to the philanthropical causes.

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