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Topic Reading-Vol.2135-2/14/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
World's flags take the spotlight in Pyeongchang
Many of you might have been watching the winter Olympic games being held in freezing PyenongChang, South Korea, including the folks who rarely watch TV these days. Among the 91 national flags paraded during the opening ceremony. the one that marched the last was the unified Korean flag. It has a blue silhouette of the Korean Peninsula on a white background. The athletes of North and South Korea marched together under the unified flag. Yes, a national flag shows the identity of the nation and unity of the people.
Then what about the design of national flags? During the Olympic games, those flags look the same in their shapes. That’s because they are created for the sake of practicality. In fact, national flags are in different shapes. You may remember that Switzerland’s flag is perfectly square, and all the others are rectangular, except for Nepal’s which is composed of two combined triangles. But even the rectangular ones are in different shapes, ranging from 13:15 like Belgium to Qatar’s very stretched 11:28.
And what about the colors used in those flags?
Enjoy reading and learn what national flags are meant to be and show.

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