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Topic Reading-Vol.2578-5/3/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Smart Speakers: Why your voice is a major battle in music
Smart Speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are getting popular especially in English speaking countries. Among the multiple features that these voice-activated devices offer, such as weather news, traffic information, reading podcasts and ordering food or diapers, the most popular request for smart speakers is to play music. The request can be very specific like the title, musician, or label, or could be rather indirect like the type, genre, or mood of the music the user wants to hear. Then, how does the “Smart Speaker”, not a human DJ of a radio station, pick up songs that suits your taste or mood?
That is what Algorithm does by searching the metadata. Metadata is the information embedded in an audio file that is used to identify the content, such as the name of the album and artist and the title, as well as the writer, producer, and publisher of the music.
Sounds like the tags of a homepage. Indeed, the chance a certain music title is picked up by those algorithms depends on the metadata. If the name of the musician or the title of the song is hard to remember or pronounce, it is less likely to be chosen no matter how suitable it is to the listener. It seems that smart speakers are taking place the place of radios and human DJs.
Enjoy reading and learn about the technology and new rules of the game music industry and musicians have to deal with.

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