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Topic Reading-Vol.2456-1/1/2019

Happy new year to MEL Topic Readers,
For the new year, try 12 monthly 'micro-resolutions'
Did you maintain your new year’s resolution last year, or do you remember it if any? How long did it last? If the resolution was kept throughout the year, you are the winner of the self-discipline award. While many people make their new year resolutions, only a few of them maintain them till the end of the year. That may be because the resolutions were too ambitious or abstentious. For example, jogging 10k every morning, cutting out all sweets, quitting smoking or drinking entirely, or learning 10 new words every day are all too demanding tasks. But what about committing yourself to something only for a month? You may have a better chance to remember and stick to it. After a month, you may reward yourself for the achievement. Yes, a short-term win or loss makes you review, rethink, or renew the custom or behavior you’ve had for some time. You don’t have to come up with all the 12 monthly resolutions now. You can try something for a month and set another one, or continue the same one, for the next month.
Enjoy reading the article and think what resolution to take on for the first month of 2019.

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